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Dear Elena! I want to say THANKS for your professional treatment, sensitive and individual approach. It was very pleasant to feel healthful and relaxing effect during the procedure and after it.thank you for your professional cosmetics for my skin! And especially for your lovely hibiscus tea. I wish your Studio to prosper and continue to help women be healthy and beautiful.

Julia (from Cyprus)

-In this day and age, it’s hard to find a company you can trust. Kalena Facial Studio was recommended to me by a friend, and now I know why – the quality of service I received was outstanding. Keep up the good work!


Richmond Hill

-Dear Elena,

I would like to thank you for your great help with caring for my skin. For many years, I have struggled with various skin issues, from acne to dry and combination skin. I have resorted to both alternative and traditional medical assistance on numerous occasions. Unfortunately, treatments suggested by these professionals rarely yielded significant and lasting results. I've discovered you by recommendation from a friend who was very impressed with your services, and was very positively surprised.

The entire set up of your spa is therapeutic - from the atmosphere, to the music playing in the background, to your tone of voice and calm personality. It is evident that the resources you use in your facials, as well as the cleansers and moisturizers you recommend are carefully selected for your unique clients. 

The quality of my skin has improved over the past few months. I have received many compliments and continue to witness positive changes in my skin on a daily basis. I have and will continue to recommend your services to my friends, colleagues and acquaintances. 

Thank you,


-All of Elena's treatments, therapies and products are essential and integral components of my personal wellness program! I simply discuss what is happening in my body, with my skin etc., and she recommends the appropriate course of action. Her care and knowledge has been invaluable to me for both diagnosis of conditions and recovery from surgery. Regularly working with Elena not only reflects noticeable results "on the outside", but also reveals and nurtures pathways to deeper, comprehensive wellness, my own healing capacities, greater consciousness and wisdom with the most perfect timing.


Toronto, ON

-Elena........."thank you" isn't enough or accurate for the extraordinary healing power you so generously give........I am grateful for the transformations you bring to me.

See you soon!


-Elena, I would like to share my experience with facial reflexology treatment. Before I started treatments, I had bladder incontinence, experience panic attack from time to time. First couple reflexology treatments was little bit painful, I even had mild panic attack during second treatment. But then, I see quite improvement in my bladder condition. More treatments I get, better I feel. I feel so energetic, my bladder start running more normal. I am very pleased with results and intend to continue facial reflexology treatments to maintain my body and spirit in the great shape. Thank you for making available such a great therapy for all your clients.

Elena Zoukova, Toronto


I am just writing to let you know the ISUN oil & mist I bought tonight is phenomenal!!! I mixed the Rhassoul exfoliant with my Seaflora cleanser, used the Sapphire oil & finished with the Ormus Myst. It feels so amazing (& smells equally so) that I can't imagine ever using anything else on my face.

Thank you for spending so much time & sharing this product with me. I always walk out happier & healthier than when I entered :)

Bethany (from the Ballet)

-Dear Elena!

Thank you very much for a great SPA Experience! And Exceptional Service! It was amazing!

Hope to see you soon!

Kseniia, Toronto

-Integrity is what truly makes this spa a standout: integrity in always keeping to the holistic vision of skincare and well-being and refusal to compromise on those values via mainstream practices. It's great to have a place where I, as a customer, can be sure to have full disclosure of the nature and provenance of the ingredients in the products applied to my skin. All of the skincare used during facials (and also available for purchase) is concocted with natural, organic ingredients that actually work! 

I have mixed skin and always used to break out during summertime, but when I started using SeaFlora's Balancing Sea Kelp Concentrate, it was an instant transformation as it really helped to balance my skin out and gave it a healthy glow. 

And the facials just make you feel like a goddess! Elena pampers you with all kinds of delicious smelling organic oils and mists and really makes you enjoy the moment with her wonderful touch. I would definitely recommend this spa if you enjoy more natural and non-invasive beauty solutions and whenever you want to treat yourself to a superb facial or body wrap!

Anna, Toronto

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