Kalena Aroma Boutique and Spa - Massage Therapy
Kalena Aroma Boutique and Spa - Holistic Aromatherapy Facials, Registered Massage Therapy, Reflexology, Waxing
Registered Massage Therapy                                                 30 min              $50
                                                                                                 60 min               $95
                                                                                                 90 min               $145
What is Registered Massage Therapy?                         
It’s the power of the human touch, the brief period of time when you escape, when your mind is set free because you’ve surrendered yourself to someone’s care and have given them permission to take all of your stresses away.
Massage therapy relieves tired, sore muscles, alleviates pain or tension and improves circulation so you feel better and you function better.                                                                                
Registered Massage Therapy is recognized under the provincial health legislation, and therefore is covered by most extended healthcare plans.