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Your face expresses your unique beauty.
The glow of your complexion reflects your well-being.

Your skin is the largest organ of your body.  It is:

1.  Both protection from and vulnerable to your daily experience, both indoor and out.

2.  Permeable, susceptible and reacts to external toxins and pollutants, through direct
     contact or inhalation.

3.  Dulled and dehydrated by stress.

4.  A representation of your lifestyle and reference of your overall vitality.

Beautiful skin is the result of the harmony of techniques, treatments and precise skincare products for                                 
the different times, seasons and ages of your life.  The appropriate combination of care for your skin                                  supports, nourishes, heals and balances the delicate nature of this outer layer and its inner dynamics.

At KALENA, we understand all aspects of beauty and that life is more enjoyable when you are happy with the                     way you look.


Advanced Skin Analysis
Elena Kalyuzhnaya, founder and expert multi-disciplinary skincare practitioner performs an analysis of your complexion and discusses your lifestyle.

Exclusive Facial Design + Organic Skincare Products 
Interpreting your specific concerns, imbalances and issues, she designs custom facial experiences using the most effective and current techniques for relaxation and rejuvenation.

Elena's incomparable knowledge and exceptional care will guide your evolution in wellness, natural radiance and confidence.